How I met Ken Cannon

By Edgar - 3:26 PM

How I met ken cannon
Hey everyone!
Edgar here.

Before anything else, I just want to make it clear: I'm not taking over Ken's blog, okay? 

I'll be in-charge from time to time, but it's still mostly Ken. I'm only here to contribute a few things that you may or may not find interesting. Hopefully it's the former.

I'm sure not everyone knows who I am or how I got involved in JTA, so I'll be discussing that today to give you guys a brief idea of what I do with and for Ken.

It's nothing really special, everyone can do it, to be honest.

Anyway everything began when I was in college. I think it was 4(?) 5 maybe(?) years back. Or maybe more. Okay! A long time ago! 

I was already deeply interested in Japan by then and was hoping to learn Japanese as one of my electives. 

BUT my school's a big irresponsible dingkleberry and didn't provide a teacher for the subject 


Apparently very few students wanted language courses so the school didn't bother getting teachers. SO what did we (two of us) do?


One thing led to another, and my friend eventually found Japanese Through Anime. I rode his wagon for a while and even added this Ken Cannon on Facebook just for fun!

I didn't by his course 'cuz of money problems...


I was skeptical... 

don't tell him...


Ken Cannon's Akihabara video

So one day, I was looking at Ken's Youtube vids, a normal day as usual, classes were later in the day.

But before I even got halfway into the vid (I think it was the "Akihabara video", really fuzzy on this part),

My Facebook popped a notification...

It was Ken!

I'll be honest with you guys, I'd put a picture of his first message to me ever but after all the chat we've been through, I can't scroll up enough to actually get there.

The message was a simple invitation asking if I wanted to do part-time work for him. 

I asked him a ton of questions like how am I getting paid (he's in America, I'm in the Philippines), how much, and what would I do for him. Ken made me start with filtering emails and managing forums along with other content I could fit into my free time. 

He also asked me to go though his whole course, which I did without hesitation. 

A month later,

Pay went into my Paypal. 

It was literally the LARGEST sum I got to hold since I was born. 

Well, technically I had to wait 5 business days to hold them...

Not only that, and I haven't told Ken about this (at least I think I haven't), but because of JTA, I was able to help a friend out on his tuition in college. 

And now because of the support I get from JTA, I can concentrate on my personal endeavors (like learning Japanese and writing a novel).

learning japanese and writing a novel

Now I'm also helping Ken out in his videos along with the newsletter too (we're also setting up more stuffs in secret that we'll announce Soon™). 

So that's how I started in JTA. I know there isn't any Japanese to learn in this post, but Ken will handle that for us! There are more articles planned out, so please let me know what you think of this one and look forward for more!

This has been Edgar of Ken's JTA Team!

See you in the next one!

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