Do YOU have what it takes to be FLUENT in Japanese?

By ken cannon - 4:01 PM

too much anime
Too Much One Piece

Somebody in the comments of one of my videos said...

"Bullshit, no way you've seen all of One Piece six times Ken"

So I recounted.

And it turns out I've actually watched them...

1. FULL Series (1st time with & 2nd without subs) 750+ eps

-2 full times (500 hours)

2. Rewatch half with a girlfriend (no subs) (~400 eps)

-3 times (400 hours)

3. Random episodes, audio only (~25 eps)

-10 times each (~83 hours)

(So about 4 full times)

That's a total of 983.33 hours of Anime.

Now, I'm completely fluent in Japanese.

And One Piece is probably the biggest contributor to my Japanese Input.

Not textbooks, not classes, not apps. ONE PIECE.

So you do the math.

This is what it takes to be fluent.

Good Luck!


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