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Hey everybody, Ken Cannon asked to put up a post so I decided to combine two of my passions, anime and fashion. Inspiration for fashion can come from anywhere and I want to show how to transform iconic pieces from some popular anime characters into items that people can wear on a regular basis.

1. Hunter x Hunter-Mito’s choker

Mito's green choker
Mito sporting a cable choker
Mito's choker Look-a-like
Similar cable bracelet

Cho-ka (チョーカー) - Choker

In Hunter x Hunter, Gon’s aunt, Mito, constantly wears this unique green choker. I was immediately drawn to it because it’s not your typical necklace. First of all, it’s green instead of your typical silver or gold and second instead of a thin, dainty chain it has a thick, strong open cable. I stumbled across this David Yurman bracelet and thought it was be the perfect duplicate for Mito’s choker. Although it is a bracelet instead of a choker, the overall aesthetic is the same.

2. Hunter x Hunter- Kurapica’s chains

Finger Chains
Kurapica's Chain Weapons
Kurapica inspired
Less Deadly Chain Jewelry

Kusari (鎖) - Chain(s)

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wearing bracelets with chains that connect to a ring or two,
or even three or four, like the one Kurapica, in Hunter x Hunter wears. Kurapica was sporting
these chains, albeit for a different purpose, long before it was fashionable. Although in
reality, these jewelry pieces do not double as weapons, they have an edgy and tough look to

3. One Piece- Luffy’s straw hat

Straw Hat Pirate
The Infamous Straw Hat
One Piece style
Similar Straw Fedora

Mugi wara boshi (麦わら帽子) - Straw hat

Luffy from One Piece is known for his courage, carefreeness, rubber body and straw hat. Straw
hats are especially nice in the summer because they are lightweight and breathable so your
head won’t get too hot or sweaty. I am an especially big fan of the fedora shape because it looks
flattering on pretty much anyone while providing some valuable sun protection.

4. Pokemon- Ash’s fingerless gloves

Gym gloves
Ash's Fingerless Gloves
Pokemon trainer gloves
"Gym" Gloves

Tebukuro (手袋) - Gloves

The one thing more famous than Ash Ketchum is his costume. These gloves are most commonly
seen in the gym and used for weight and cardio training. It makes sense that Ash would like to
wear these gloves seeing as he is a Pokemon trainer and is constantly dueling it out in gym battles. You can buy a pair of these gloves at your local gym or sports equipment store, or you can even cut
up a pair of old gloves to get the same effect.

5. Yugi-oh- Duke’s earring

Duke's dice
Duke's lucky dice earring
Yugi-oh inspired earrings
DIY dice earring inspiration

Iyaringu (イヤリング) - Earring

Duke, from Yugi-oh, is one of my favorite characters from the show, not just for his personality but also for his unique sense of style. One of my favorite pieces that he wears is his dice earring. It is very symbolic of his love for chance, and not to mention it looks pretty cool. Although, it is possible to buy dice earrings, oftentimes they can be too fancy and ornate, like the rhinestone encrusted pair shown above, and too expensive. In fact, these are actually quite easy to make. All you need would be a pair of dice, a couple of little hook-eye screws, some earring posts and several inches of chain. These can all be found at your local craft store. Basically all you have to do is screw the hook-eyes into the dice, attach one end of the chain to the screw and the other to the earring post and voila, dice earrings for less than $10!

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