Chikan - How To Be A Pervert In Japan

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How to Be a Pervert Video by Ken Cannon
A Closet Chikan?

I was invited on a friends channel with this vid, and I'm here to teach you all the wonderful skill of how to be a pervert in Japan.

I also wanted to share a few pics I had to take down from my video because of some copyright issues with YouTube. They're such Prima-donnas...

Shitagi Dorobou (Panty Thief)
Washington Man arrested for stealing thousands of panties and bras...

Notice how this kind of thing is BIG news in America. "How unheard of!" they say. In Japan, this guy could be your neighbor, your friend, or your Sunday school teacher... all at the same time. No big deal...

Chikan (Train Groper)

Reading the comments on the video, no one could believe that this stuff actually happens and the girls don't do anything about it, or the chikan. What's even more surprising is that the other guys on the train, watching the chikan, don't even do anything! If this kind of thing went down in America, EVERYONE would get up and beat the shit out of this chikan guy. Crazy...

The chikan theme is also very popular in porn... that's what I've "heard" of course...

Rabu Hoteru (Love Hotel)

I read an amazing figure the other day! 1.4 million people in Japan, in other words, 2% of Japan's POPULATION go to a love hotel EVERYDAY! That's some big business...

Check out the bottom left room, chikan training room...

Meido Kafe (Maid Cafe)

This one's my personal favorite, I tell my girlfriend to act more like a maid cafe waitress everyday, still can't figure out why it's not working... Maybe she needs the uniform...

What do you think about all this funny business? For more perverted stuff that grosses you out, turns you on, or makes you wanna dance, come to my newsletter.

Ken Cannon

Video Transcript

How’s it going? My name's Ken Cannon and at the slight risk of never being invited to appear on Victor’s channel again, I’m gonna be talking to you about how to be a pervert in Japan.
 Many of you may have heard the generalization that “Japan is a country of perverts!”  And well I’m here to tell you that it's true! But I’m also here to tell you that so is every country in the world. Japan just has some particularly interesting ways of being perverted.
(Peeping toms are so yesterday.)
So without further ado, I bring you 1st way to be a pervert in Japan.
And that is, shitagi dorobo! Literally panty thief.
(pronunciation guide)
Ok so shitagi means underwear, but more specifically, women’s underwear. It used to be used to refer to the undershirt of a samurai, you find the connection,
and dorobo simply means thief.
Now surprisingly this act is pretty common in Japan.
Anata, doko ni iku no?
A, shitagi dorobo ni iku
Ah so, kiosukete nee
Kyaaa! Dare!, kimaten desho.. shitagi dorobo.
Ah!!..  ah sou ka…
So how this works, a male typically sneaks into the house of an adult woman, walks past the expensive stereo system, her thousands of dollars of jewelry to find her dresser, steal her underwear…. And then walk back past the expensive jewelry, her fancy stereo system... and leaves
What they do with the underwear after is a little beyond the scope of this lesson…
*drinking coffee*
Oh hey do you have any napkins??
Yeah here ya go..
*hands him a panty*
Alright! On to how to be a pervert in Japan Tactic 2!
Now this is one you might have heard of if you’ve ever riding a train in Japan, or maybe you’re even more familiar with it than I think…
Anywho, chikan means molester but is more commonly used to refer train groper.
(Pronunciation guide)
Now as I said this term is mostly used to refer to train gropers. Now what that more specifically means is that a man will get on a train look for a nice obedient looking gropee, and go to work!
*Awkard grope*
*giant sheman turns around*
Now as many of you potential chikans may be saying, well, “I tried that one day on the train and I got groped back with a giant kick in the balls”
The thing is that is in Japan women, and most men as well, don’t like to cause trouble so they typically don’t say anything.
*awkard grope*
*giant she man looks up and just shrugs*
Apparently this problem is actually so prevelant in Japan that they have recently created girls only trains.
*Bajillions of giant shemales board train*
OK, now what if you’re just a regular old pervert like the rest of us and just want a place you can go to fulfill all your pervy needs. Well Japan has just the places for you. 2 in fact!
Number 1 pervy place.
rabu hoteru, literally “love hotel”
(Pronunciation guide)
Now love hotels are something that occur in a few other countries as well, even America has a no tell motel? But never has a country perfected this art as much as Japan.
Now I say art, because well there's really no other word to describe the inside of these rooms, besides monstrosity of course. In general they range from Hello Kitty heart covered dungeons to underwater racetracks for Martians…
Ahh kawaaii! Nani sore??
Oh omiyage
Hee omiyage ne, doko kara?
Ahh,, ettoo…. Roshia?
So what you do when you wanna get yourself a hotel full of love is you find these rather discrete apartment looking places, go in pay the person behind the frosted glass for a “rest” period  ranging anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, denpending on your stamina, and enjoy =)
Ok! Were at my place now! =D heheh…
Is this really your apartment?
Sou yo..
Why does it say “Hotpassion”  there…?
Oh well, you know, I’m from America, we have strange last names… don’t worry, come lets go…
OK and the 2nd pervy place and the last concept/word for this video is..
Meido kafe, in english, maid café!
(pronunciation guide)
Maid cafes are essentially otaku fantasy centered cafés where all of the waitresses dress up in French maid uniforms and treat their customers like masters.
In fact instead of hello, or hi, they greet all of their customers with a friendly, okaerinasaimase, goshujin-sama!
(Pictures of maid cafes)
The menus of maid cafés are usually the same as most café’s but with the twist of everything being cutified. i.e smilley face omlettes  ect.
 Maid delivers omlets
I look down with a surprised awkward look.
And the omelet has a picture of victor on it.
Other typical courtesies of maid cafes are, spoon feeding, neck massages, and even ear cleanings (clips of me getting these things)
To recap, how to be a pervert in Japan step 1.
Steal some panties.
Step 2.
Grab some train booty.
Step 3.
Get some love at a hotel.
And Step 4
Go get your ears cleaned.
Alright I just want to thank Victor for letting me appear on his channel, probably for the last time. And most of all, you, the potential pervert, for making our world a better place.
Disclaimer : Ken Cannon should never be listened to at any time, for any reason, what so ever. Please do not become a pervert, or go to japan… ever… thank you.

Ken Cannon

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  1. I'm so used to perverted stuff like this due to my friends, internet, and my random childhood that when I read this I'm just like "そうです". Don't know if that's a good thing or what.

  2. So you're like "of course people do this stuff, stop stating the obvious ken!"

    hahah, no its cool, I think everybody's like that a little bit more than they want to admit.

  3. Almost. If you didn't state the obvious this post wouldn't be here and besides if you stopped who else would do it?

  4. Woahh; If some Jiraiya perve even tried laying a hand on me... I'd kick some ass.
    Good video though; kept it interesting.

  5. u forgot host clubs, just different gender but. I wonder if u would classify it the same? ><

  6. well man ive watched all your videos and i got inspired by you...i started watching animes at the age of 12 and now im day i had the idea of me learning happened like 2 years ago but since then ive always had doubts and i kept saying to myself "when i finish school ,now i dont have the time". but thats just wrong cuz ofcourse i have the time and i do watch animes ALOT :D when naruto shippuden movie 4 :the lost tower came out it wasnt translated so i watched it without subtitles due to not being able to resist :D than something reaaaally strange happened..i could translate about 40% of the movie and i wasnt watching it alone so i was translating what they were saying to my friend..when i watched the movie again with subtitles most of the translation i did was accurate.thats when i understood that i wasnt as bad as i thought at japanese.starting today im gonna try your method of learning japanese and if it does not work ill talk with you about it hoping you have an answer :P and so about the question you asked for the Maid Cafe i saw it just once in this incredibly nice anime Kaichou wa maid-sama (comedy,romance) and it looked really interesting .i wouldnt say its a turn on but id really like 1 day to be able to go to a real maid cafe in japan :] im leaving my email just in case :

    1. I love that anime

    2. It's anime not animes Baka... -_-

    3. Exactly one anime many anime! Please try to get it right next time ( ^v^)^

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  8. Another stepping stone on my journey to speaking Japanese.

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  10. This guy had my dreams but went through with it.. This is the push i needed to keep going.

  11. Hey bro im loving your videos. Im currently in yokosuka Japan and Im curious to know where are the rabu hotero or the meido kafe. And if you know any other great spot you would recommend let me know. Thanks.

  12. LOVE IT! Sounds like one (or a few) more reasons to move to Japan! (As if i needed any more, beyond Maneki Neko & Sanrio!) hehe. I love it when minds open and things aren't so... freaking conservative! Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Hahaha, I agree, sometimes you just gotta pull down your pants and show us what you got.

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    1. I know it feels soooooooooooooooooo hard sooooooooooooooemtimes, but you can do it, I sooooooooooooo promise you!

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    1. Heheh, yup its pretty unbelievable sometimes I know, but that's Japan for ya.

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    1. I'm not really sure what you meant about smiley happy nice... but, yeah good luck with the Japanese learning!

  20. Wow! Haha I would freak if the chikan thing happened to me! That would not go down. Good post this was kinda funny usually people dont tell you his stuff bout a country.

  21. @Anonymous, hahah thanks! Glad I could be THAT guy

  22. Love watching your videos! I followed you over here from youtube, I swear I'm not a stalker :P. I'm currently learning Japanese and it's kicking my butt! I'm sticking to it though! Really enjoy you're videos, keep them coming!!!

  23. Google's train tours Japan... kidding :D Great Video!!

  24. This happens in city buses in my city. When they are crowded, I get a chance to touch college going girls. But sometimes you may end up getting slapped on your face or even police custody. In India too many girls dont say anything, I dont know if it is because they are enjoying it or because they dont want to create trouble. However , you make learning japanese interesting to the core. I may sometimes feel like giving it up but now I feel like learning it enough to get a cabin in rabu hoteru or meido cafe and enjoy to my full stamina. he he. You rock!!

  25. Wait, so if you are confronted with a chikan, you should just stand there and act as if nothing happened? What is the danger in doing otherwise?

  26. perverted stuff is just disgusting if you see a perv kick him in the face!!!!!!! Oh and I really just want to learn Japanese, like you I want to understand anime:)

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