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Top Ten Japanese Anime Swear Words Video by Ken Cannon
Learn to Swear in Japanese

This video was muted on my Ken Cannon YouTube Page so I am re-posting the videos here.

For my first video, or the first half anyways, I want to teach the top ten most common Japanese anime swear words!

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Ken Cannon

Swear Words Video Transcript
Hey my name's Ken Cannon and I’m gonna be teaching you guys the top 10 most common Japanese swear words, with a little help from the popular Japanese anime Naruto.
But before I get started I should note that Japanese, unlike English, is a lot less colorful in its word choices. So most of the words I’m going to be teaching are ones that when translated to English come out as swear words, but wouldn’t be categorized in Japan as swear words per se.
That being said, if you used these words around the house your mama would probably still slap you.
Alright let’s get started,
Swear word number 1! And the most commonly used swear word in most anime is
Which literately means shit, or feces, or caca, or poopoo booboo whatever you like to call your droppings.
I'll repeat it a few time so you can get the pronunciation down.
(pronunciation guide)
Kuso is also used mainly as an exclamatory. For example...
Kuso! AA no kaigi ni okurechau
kuso! onara shichatta
Kuso! Neko wo Ouben ni wasurechatta
Maybe it'd be better if you saw how it’s used in Naruto…
(Naruto clips)
And there you go. However one way kuso is not used is when in subsitution for the word “stuff”
In other words, in English it’s common for us to say things like...
“I left my shit at home” or “that’s some cool shit” but kuso unfortunately does not carry the same meaning.
Alright now on to the swear word number 2
the swear word Chikushou is more or less translated to “Damn It!” or “Fuck!”
(Pronunciation guide)
Chikushou like kuso is also used mainly as an exclamatory. But unlike kuso it carries a stronger connotation. So you’d use it in a more dire situation.
For example...
“Chikushou! Chirigami ga nai!”
“Chikushou! myutsu ga nigeta?!”
Here’s some more useful examples..
(Naruto clips)
And that’s that, again though chikushou is only used as an exclamatory. So don’t walk up to your
Girlfriend and ask her if she wants to chikushou.. doesn’t work that way. (Actually I hope you don’t do that in English either...)
On to swear word number 3...
One of the more popular Japanese words for some reason. The swear word Baka means “stupid” or “idiot”
(Pronunciation guide)
You can use baka in pretty much the same way you would in English.
“Baka! Sore wa ringo juusu jai nai!”
On that note...
(Naruto clips)
Alright! swear word number 4!
In actuality the swear word “Temee” really is just a severely rude way to say “you” but it is usually translated to “you bastard” or “you bitch” because of its connotation.
(Pronunciation guide)
This phrase is also very popular amongst angry drunk old dudes for some reason.
But anyway it's quite useful for misunderstandings...
“Temee! Cosmo no koudoku hoshikunai tte ba! “
But in general you can use it whenever you address your bitches or bastards.
“Temmera! Ore ni tsuite koi!”
Temeera is simply the plural version of temee
Remember to use temee only as a pronoun.
swear word number 5!
Yarou is often translated to “bastard” but unlike “temee” it’s used as a noun not a pronoun
(Pronunciation guide)
The Swear word Yarou literately means farm hand.. Because you know how those farm hands are all bastards.
Here's an example of how it differs from temee.
“temee! Omae wa nanto baka yarou da!” (Zoom in on teddy bear)
Now if you were really paying attention you noticed I used the phrase “baka yarou” in that last example
With the word yarou you can attach other nasty words to make even nastier words.
Such as “baka yarou” and even “kuso yarou”
Tune in for Part 2 to learn the final 5 Japanese swear words!

Ken Cannon

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