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One Piece Vocabulary

Posted by Ken Cannon

Awesome, time for another episode of anime vocabulary, featuring One Piece! At one point the most downloaded anime on the internet. Crazies...

So lets get started! 

Monkey D. Luffy
Straw Hat Pirate

Kaizoku (海賊) - Pirate

This is probably the most obvious word, so I'll start with that. It's used crazy a lot. I mean the main character wants to be the "Kaizoku Ou" (pirate king) and all... I'm actually working on this goal myself, but alas Limewire had to mess up all my plans! 
On the Grand Line
Merry sailing the seas

Umi (海) - Sea

You can't have a pirate show without one of these, "umi" is actually a special word that means both beach and sea. It doesn't actually mean beach but when you would want to say in English... "Hey my homies, let's go to the beach todayz" You would actually use the word "umi", in Japanese.

Merry sailing the seas
Their first boat- Merry

Fune (- Boat

Another big hitter in this series, and definitely a must for the future pirate king, I mean you can't be a pirate king and drive a Camry, that's just not cool.

Straw Hat Pirate
Rubber Man

Gomu (ゴム) - Rubber

This word is also short for eraser, "Keshi Gomu"... and yes it is slang for another slightly less reusable "rubber" in Japan as well....

Reindeer eats Human Human Fruit
Chopper in his reindeer form

Tonakai (トナカイ) - Reindeer

Probably the most useless word possible outside of this anime, so you know I have to teach it... but also I really like the way it sounds... tonakai... tonakai... yeah baby....

But surprisingly this word is kind of common in the anime, since Chopper is always correcting people that he is not in fact a "tanuki."

Triple Sword Style
Zorro's triple swords

Kenshi (剣士) - Swordsman

Ahhh finally a more useful word in everyday life... but no all jokes aside this word is actually somewhat common in anime in general, so yup good to know.

Sailing to shore
A rocky island

Shima (島) - Island

Theres definitely a lot of "shima's" in One Piece, not to mention the fact that all of Japan is one big giant "shima".

Two Namis?
Nami the girl
escaping a tsunami
Nami the wave

Nami () - Wave

The word for wave, and the name of a character! As you know I love killing two stones with one bird. You may also recognize this word as part of the now English word, "tsu-nami" or tidal wave. "Tsu" in this case means harbor. It's a wave that hits harbors! Yay! 

A Marine ship

Kaigun (海軍) - Navy/Marine

This word actually just means "navy" or a military's "sea force" where as "marines" is just a portion of the navy. But ah well, its not the first time I've seen a little Engrish in Japan.

Rubber Rubber Fruit
The Gomu Gomu Fruit

Akuma no mi (悪魔の実) - Devil Fruit

Why can't these be part of a healthy, nutritious diet? Pretty simple phrase though, "akuma" means devil... or my grandma... and "mi" means fruit. Although the proper way to say "fruit" in Japanese is "kudamono", "mi" can actually mean fruit, nut or seed.

Pirate flag
The Straw Hat Pirate's Jolly Roger
Mugi wara (麦藁) - Wheat Straw

This is the word that is often translated as "Straw hat" in the anime.. because it might be a little weird if everybody went around calling Luffy, "wheat straw".... well in English anyway.

Bellamy's Bounty
A 55 million bounty

Shoukin (賞金) - Bounty

Ignoring the ugly dude in the picture, this is what all those shoukin kasegi's (bounty hunter's) are after in the series. This word can also mean prize money or something of that nature.

Whew, One Piece had a lot. For more anime vocabulary sign up for my newsletter, yarou domo (and yes a captain indeed calls his crew his fellow bastards)!

Ken Cannon


  1. YES I LOVE ONE PIECE XDDDD! i now learned Nami(wave), island (shima), Shoukin (bounty), and that Mugi wara ment weat straw insted of straw hat.

    but i think that you should have also added ability (Nōryoku) I hear that A LOT in one piece, well. . . . . . practicly in every other action anime also

  2. Ooh! Very nice one, I'm surprised you were able to notice that one.

    It also pops up a lot, particularly in One piece, as "nouryoku-sha".

    In "akuma no mi no nouryokusha" = "devils fruit ability user"

    But in the series, they will most of the time just call them, nouryoku-sha, for short.

  3. Well, in one piece, the term "Niku" comes a lot too ;) (means meat)
    Luffy is kind of a stomach on legs :p

    And "Nakama" too by the way, which means fellow, friend. That should be some valor you could developp Ken (wow i've got the sensation to speak to myself ^^)

    I'm french, sorry for my limited english ^^


  4. Oh wow, niku! You're are totally right! Didn't even think of that one.

    Nakama is already left as is by the translators in One Piece most of the time so I debated a little on whether I should include it.

    Thanks for the additions! And don't worry, your English is just fine ^^

  5. nice... can you add some of the "nasty talk" pirate-like?
    i absolutely love when Luffy goes on about calling the crew... Yaroudomo i guess.
    and some expressions like: nanda kore wa... nanda koitsu... etc etc

    it's priceless

  6. I really like how you write! You should write for cracked.com or something

  7. Very helpful!!!
    Could you do some vocabulary for "Canaan" or "Black Lagoon"?

  8. wagata, soka, baka, these were better-jamon

  9. kaizoku ou ore wa naru!!!

    1. 海賊王に俺はなる ..u missed a 'ni' particle

  10. Kairouseki, "Senchou", Shichibukai, Yonkou, Haki and Tenryuubito (errr).

  11. Ohhh you forgot Captain! I counted one of the fishman island episodes they said "Captain" 19 times. Everything else is pretty good though. :D

  12. Nice list! Just what I was looking for :)


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