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How to get to Japan

Posted by Ken Cannon

Talking about how to get to Japan
This week its another sample from my Japanese video newsletter, How to get to Japan!

In this sample of the new video series "What it's REALLY like in Japan!" I show you exactly how to go to Japan, via raw video! So whether you want to live in Japan, travel there, or just visit the country, this is the exactly what its gonna be like.

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Ken Cannon


  1. When I go to Japan... I am SO making my own version of this!

  2. Reminds me of my trip to Japan . Can't wait for next summer when I am off to Japan .

  3. i really hope that if i finally start speaking fluent japanese i can spend a semester there

  4. I cant wait to go to Japan, also I was wondering what air line service did you use. It looked really nice^^

  5. HEYY~!! i'v just subscribed to you today! i really love all you're videos!!! and i was wondering if you were gonna send the "how to get to japan" videos to my hotmail? also i was wondering how to make an account on this site T^T i wanna make one ^^ lol

  6. Where can I find your series? Because I would really like to see What it's really like in Japan.

  7. weres da other vids man

  8. That song in the background is Scandal by Harukaze isn't it ;D
    (or its Harukaze by Scandal, either one really)


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