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Japanese Swear Words 2

Posted by Ken Cannon

I'm swearing in Japanese
Japanese Swear word - Shimatta

Alright! And now I've got Japanese swear words part 2 up!

Japanese Swear Words Part 2 Video Transcript
Hey guys! This is Ken Cannon and Welcome to part 2 of the top ten most common Japanese swear words!
And as you all should know I’m using the Japanese anime “naruto” as my helper.
Swear word number 6,
This swear word is very similar to the swear word Temee, in the essence that’s it’s actually a pronoun meaning the word “you”. And while temee carries a more vulgar connotation, kisama actually begets the air of “hate” or “detest” to whom it’s directed. Therefore a good English equivalent might be “motherfucker”
(Pronunciation guide)
Kisama also is used by more mature individuals, or people or think their mature. And temee, is a swear word mostly used by a brasher younger crowd.
Here's an example depicting the difference between teme and kisama..
“Temee! Don’t touch my girlfriend’s ass.”
Temee! Kanojou no ketsu sawaruna!
“kisama… how dare you touch my wife’s ass…”
Kisama yokumo tsuma no oshiri wo
So basically… if you touch someone’s ass, be prepared to called one of these names…
(Naruto clips)
Swear word number 7!
This swear word literately means “oh no! It happened” but is usually translated as “crap”, or “damn.”
(Pronunciation guide)
Now shimatta is probably in the same category as “baka” ….the category that isn’t really Swear words at all.
But I’m including them because as opposed to other nastier swear words, shimata and baka are used much more often and therefore more essential to learning Japanese.
“Shimatta! I forgot to let grandma out of the closet!”
Shimatta baachan wo corousetto kara dasu no wasureta!
Yeah use it like that...
(Naruto clips)
Shimatta is also used at the end of other verbs, like eat. To mean something like (oh no, I ate already!) but that’s something Ill cover more in depth in another lesson.
On to Swear word number 8
The swear word Urusai literately means “noisy” or “you’re noisy” but since in Japan saying that is more or less a suggestion to be quiet and a bit insulting at the same time, it’s usually translated as meaning “shut up!”
(urusai pronunciation)
In essence it’s used like this...
Usrusai! I’m trying to watch to watch sailor moon!
Urusai! Seeraa moon chuu da zo!
Now if you wanna be one of the cool kids, you have to use the slang version of this swear word“urusai”, which is “urusee”
This version is also a lot more common in casual conversation.
(Naruto clips)
Swear word number 9!
The swear word Che in Japanese is more like a grunt than an actually word. But in English the translation often comes out as “damn” or “shit”
(Pronunciation guide)
Che also comes close to the English “psst!” or “hump” depending on the context.
Basically you can use che whenever you’d like to scoff someone.
“che! I can’t believe you have actually have 7 nipples”
Che! Nana chikubi wo moteiru to wa na…
Here are some more examples from naruto
(Naruto clips)
And the last Swear word for today’s lesson is, number 10
The swear word Damare is a verb that means “shut up”. But since commands of most kinds are pretty harsh in Japanese, it also carries about the strength of the phrase “shut the fuck up!”
(Pronunciation guide)
This phrase is used when you’re usually upset about something...
“Damare! I don’t look like Taylor Lautner!”
Damare! Teiraa ratonaa ni nitenee yo
And here are some examples from naruto
(Naruto clips)
Just remember this phrase is very powerful, so if someone says this to you probably fucked up.
Alright! That was my presentation of the top ten Japanese Swear words. I used word frequency charts of, no surprise here, naruto! As well as my own 7 + years of Japanese knowledge to come up with the words so it’s quite accurate.
I hope you guys liked it! And if you did, remember to subscribe. This is only the first in a whole bunch of YouTube vlog lessons I’ve got planned for the coming weeks.
Have fun with your new words you potty mouth yarou’s… Hope you enjoyed Japanese swear words part!

Ken Cannon


  1. Hey, Youko here. Great video, man! Always a pleasure to hear some vulgarity. It's interesting to know that there are even different ways of using strong language in Japanese, much like they have various ways of saying "I" and the like.

    For ちぇ, "Tch" can be another good English equivalent since it does have a similar sound.

    1. ohh, okay. Because I read Hunter x Hunter fanfictions on wattpad and watch hxh and the english subbed videos and the fanfiction stories all say Tch. and then I saw che and wondered if it was the same thing because tch and che sound alike sorta.. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot Youko! Yes Japanese is indeed an interesting language! ;)

    And yeah, "Tch" is a great alternative for English speakers!

  3. Hi. Thank a lot for your efforts. I have started with Pimsleur, and are going to need a lot of help and research to learn the "rude" way of speaking

  4. For those that are serious about learning Japanese for anime, there are 8 lessons for the most common japanese words on smart.fm

  5. Thanks for the Fun lessons! But the background music needs to turned down, baka.

  6. yeah!!!

    I loved it!

    its so cool!!

    thanks for the video..

  7. In my language "baka" means "grandma" :D
    btw: Great video!

  8. i dont see the video

  9. never mind now i do


    1. Oh good, I was wondering who's baby he was...

    2. I could recall Minato being the father. Trip to Maury?

  11. yappari. Naruto is really helpful in these kind of words. hahaha

    1. lol Yup,leave it to a children's anime to teach you dirty cuss words

  12. Thanks for teaching us how to cuss and to know when someone is cussing at us.

    I find it funny that "che" is a cuss word because I use that to scoff. Lol! Probably picked it up from an anime and didnt realize it was a swear word. Haha!

  13. I saw from Soul Eater anime that そたれ means Fuck. Is that true?

  14. So glad i found you will <3 Thanks so much

  15. 2 questions, Ken:
    1) Is "detarame" the correct word for "bullshit" or is there a stronger word?
    2) How do you tell someone who REALLY annoys you and bothers you and pisses you off to "Fuck off!"?

  16. What does Tch means in English ?

  17. Yoooosh!Time to rewatch entire Naruto again(i just finished upto recent episode.Watched the entire thing in 2 weeks from Naruto episode 1 to Shippuden episode 372 without fillers).I guess i'll sometimes start rewatching and make list of common words as well ~_~


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